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Looking back on 2017 U.S. coins !

Looking back on 2017 coins

2017 U.S. coins have provided us with an interesting numismatic year! The 225th anniversary of the U.S. Mint was this year and what a treat it proved to be for collectors! Let's look back at what was new and different this year!

225th anniversary coins and medals

Enhanced Uncirculated set

The Enhanced Uncirculated set with 8 coins was released on August 1st of this year. Each coin was from the San Francisco mint with the 'S' mint mark. The Enhanced Uncirculated set has a unique finish with selectively laser frosted areas and unpolished fields. This creates a unique design that is different from the mirror-like finish of Proof coins.

The coin set includes the following,

  1. 2017-S Effigy Mounds National Monument Quarter (Iowa)
  2. 2017-S Frederick Douglass National Historic Site Quarter (Washington, DC)
  3. 2017-S Ozark National Scenic Riverways Quarter (Missouri)
  4. 2017-S Ellis Island (Statue of Liberty National Monument) Quarter (New Jersey)
  5. 2017-S George Rogers Clark National Historical Park Quarter (Indiana)
  6. 2017-S Native American $1 Coin, depicting Sequoyah writing “Sequoyah from Cherokee Nation” in syllabary along the border of the design
  7. 2017-S Kennedy half-dollar
  8. 2017-S Roosevelt dime
  9. 2017-S Jefferson nickel
  10. 2017-S Lincoln cent

210,338 Enhanced Uncirculated sets have been sold so far. (All sales numbers shown are as of November 26th 2017, taken from www.usmint.gov)

P Mint mark Lincoln cent

The Lincoln cent produced in the Philadelphia mint has never had the 'P Mint mark' in it's more than 100 years of existence. This year marking the 225th anniversary of the U.S. mint, the Lincoln cent got the 'P Mint mark' in the obverse just below the year '2017'. The 'P Mint mark' Lincoln cent was released to honor the Philadelphia mint's work force that worked tirelessly for the last 225 years to release the country's coins.

$100 Gold American Liberty

This year's American Liberty has a modern and iconic design that is true to the ideals of freedom and equality expressed in the Declaration of Independence. American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coins are minted in 99.99% 24–karat gold, in high–relief, with raised edge lettering, and a proof finish. The obverse features a profile of Liberty wearing a crown of stars.  The reverse depicts a powerful eagle in flight, with eyes toward opportunity and a determination to attain it. 26,286 coins have been sold so far.

American Liberty 4-medal set

We spoke about the American Liberty 4-medal set here27,406 sets have been sold so far.

Commemorative coins

Lion's Club International Centennial coins

Lion's Club International worked with the U.S. mint to release the Lion's Club International Commemorative Proof and Uncirculated Silver dollars this year to  commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the club. The Lion's Club International has provided worldwide community service with a 1.4 million strong membership. The obverse shows Melvin Jones and the Lion's International logo. The reverse side shows a male and female lion with a lion cub superimposed over a globe.

66,658 Silver Proof dollars and 16,773 Silver Uncirculated dollars were sold.

Boy's Town Centennial coins

Boy's Town home for displaced children was started by Father Edward Flanagan in 1917 in an old Victorian style mansion. More than 2 million children and their families benefit from Boy's Town home. This year U.S. mint has released a Proof Gold, Uncirculated Gold, Proof Clad, Uncirculated Clad, Proof Silver and Uncirculated Silver coins to honor the centennial year of Boy's Town. Each metal has a different design.

The Gold Proof and Uncirculated coin obverse features a portrait of Father Flanagan. The reverse features an outstretched hand holding a young oak tree growing from an acorn. 1480 Gold Proof and 2480 Gold Uncirculated coins have been sold.

The Clad Proof and Uncirculated coin obverse features an older brother holding the hand of his younger brother in 1917. They are shown walking towards Father Flanagan’s Boys Home and the 1940s Pylon representing what would become Boys Town. The reverse features a present–day Boys Town neighborhood of homes where children are schooled and nurtured by caring families. 16,808 Clad Proof and 14,572 Clad Uncirculated coins have been sold so far.

The Silver Proof and Uncirculated coins depict a young girl sitting alone and gazing upward into the branches of an oak tree. The reverse features an oak tree offering shelter and a sense of belonging to the family holding hands below it. 10,300 Silver Uncirculated and 24,762 Silver Proof coins have been sold.

Apart from these, a 3-Coin set with all three design (Gold, Clad and Silver) coins were also released and around 5266 sets were sold.

America the Beautiful quarters

The America the Beautiful quarters has always been a favorite among collectors. To read more about the 2017 America the Beautiful Quarters click here.  By November 12th 2017, 147,400 coins have been sold. We are showing the sales break-up for the five quarters below.

  • Effigy Mounds National Monument - 35,000
  • Frederick Douglass National Historic Site - 20,000
  • Ozark National Scenic Riverways - 20,000
  • Ellis Island (Statue of Liberty National Monument) - 40,000
  • George Rogers Clark National Historical Park - 32,400

2017 $25 American Palladium Eagle

The $25 American Palladium Eagle coin was another new this year. The American Palladium, the first of it's kind for the U.S. mint first got authorized by the Congress through the American Palladium Bullion Act of 2010. It took almost 7 years for it to come to fruition.  The Palladium Eagle coins proved to be highly collectable coins soon after it's release because of the novelty of a new metal, the Mercury Dime obverse design by Adolph Weinman, the AIA gold medal reverse design  again by Weinman and the low mintage of just 15,000 coins.  All 15,000 coins are sold out! We covered the Palladium Eagle design in an earlier post here.

American Eagle coins

The American Silver Eagle, Gold Eagle and the Platinum Eagle coins are our regulars, yet the favorites year after year. 654,500 Gold Eagles, 17,323,500 Silver Eagles and 20,000 Platinum Eagles have been sold this year.

Looking forward to 2018!

With just a month more to go and the last of the America the Beautiful quarters awaiting release in December 5th, this year has sated our appetite for an excellent numismatic treat.

2018 is beckoning to us with a very interesting line up of Commemorative coins like the World War 1 centennial coins, Breast Cancer Awareness coins and our favorite regulars like the America the Beautiful coins with fresh new designs. Let's keep our fingers crossed for yet another extravaganza!

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