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Shopcsn Blog

  • What is special about the 2015 American Eagle?

    What is special about the American Silver Eagles

    The American Silver Eagle is arguably one of the most popular coins in the United States of America. We have spoken about the key American Eagles to collect (Click here for that post) from 1986 to 2014. But the 2015 American Eagle has become one of the most sought after coin now in the last 31 years it has been minted.

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  • World Coin series: Coins from New Zealand


    Coins from New Zealand are some of the most beautiful coins with stunning designs, mostly in color. In the previous post, we saw the unique designs of the Disney™ coin collection. In this post we are looking at all the other coins from New Zealand that have been released so far by the New Zealand mint.

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  • World Coin series: Disney coins from New Zealand Mint


    The New Zealand mint is a relatively young mint compared to the other mints we have covered so far. It is a privately owned mint and releases bullion and collectible gold and silver coins. The most popular coins from New Zealand mint are the ones from the Disney™ coin collections.

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  • World Coin series: Coins from United Kingdom - Part 2

    Coins from United Kingdom

    The Coins from United Kingdom continue in this post.

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  • World Coin series: Coins from United Kingdom - Part 1

    coins from United Kingdom

    The Royal Mint of United Kingdom has the tagline, Treasure for Life™ ! True to that the Coins from United Kingdom conjure up an aura of historical treasures wrapped up in  the palm of your hand! A treasure born out of more than 1000 years of history! These Coins from United Kingdom are considered precursors to all modern coins across the world, next only to the Austrian 'schilling' and the Spanish reales (silver) or escudos (gold) coins.

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  • World Coin series: Coins from Australia - Part 2


    In this post we cover the Royal Australian Mint coins that have been released so far this year.

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  • World Coin series: Coins from Australia - Part 1


    With an extensive choice of American coins, we sometimes forget that there is a whole world of beautiful coinage out there for us to enjoy. Mints like the Royal Canadian mint, the Royal Mint in UK, the Australian mints, the Japanese mint, the Chinese mints and other notable mints release beautiful coins every year. To honor these mints and coins in Shopcsn blog, we are planning to release a series of blog posts called the ‘World coin series’. And the first one we have picked are the coins from down-under - Coins from Australia.

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  • 2017 American coins to look forward to!

    2017 American coins

    The 2017 American coins' complete product schedule seems to be a closely guarded secret by the US mint. But as far as we know, apart from the usual coins, there are some interesting commemoratives and new designs to look forward to. This year is doubly special as it is the 225th anniversary of the mint. And the mint definitely has something special up its sleeve to celebrate this milestone.

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  • Native American dollars

    Native American dollars

    The Native American dollars or the more popularly known Sacagawea dollars have been minted from 2000 till now. These coins honor the Native Americans’ history and way of life. When the Europeans landed in the Americas in the 15th and 16th centuries, the ‘Native Americans’ wouldn’t have realized the extent to which their numbers would diminish in the next three centuries. The natives had a unique philosophy to everything, starting from their land, the river and their animals. The Spanish and later other Europeans who landed on their shores had a completely different view on land ownership and animal hunting. This huge cultural divide was in some ways detrimental to the natives.

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  • 2017 America the Beautiful Quarters

    2017 America the Beautiful quarters

    The 2017 America the Beautiful quarters released on January 5th this year promise to keep us riveted yet again with their beauty and history. Let's look at each of these quarters now, shall we?

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