We are a land of hope and opportunity! Since the day the first European settlers, the Norsemen came inlong boats; followed by the 15th century Spanish in their big ships, then the British, the French, and later the rest of Europe, Russia and Asia; America has been a land of 'hope' for people fleeing from poverty, tyrants, pogroms; a land of 'abundance' for people who wanted to call a piece of land their own; a land of 'Liberty' for those who wanted a home away from home!

The idea of 'Liberty' has long been the central principle of the American psyche. Throughout American history, 'Liberty' has always been represented as a woman. The greatest symbol of liberty 'the Statue of Liberty' held a special meaning for millions of immigrants who crossed the Atlantic in search of a new life.

Liberty has featured almost in all early American coins and most modern coins. This year being the 225th anniversary of the U.S. mint, a new Liberty design was created to commemorate it. The design was used for the 1 oz. $100 Gold American Liberty coin. The celebrations for the 225th anniversary end with this modern and beautiful rendition of Liberty as a Silver 4-medal set.

225th anniversary American Liberty 4-medal set

As part of the 225th anniversary of the U.S. mint, the Enhanced Uncirculated set and the $100 American Liberty Gold coin were released earlier. With an exceptional American Liberty 4-medal set, the 225th Anniversary celebrations are coming to an end. As part of the set, these medals have been released,

  1. The Proof medalwith the S mint mark of San Francisco
  2. The Reverse Proof medal with the P mint mark of Philadelphia
  3. The Uncirculated medal with the D mint mark of Denver
  4. The Enhanced Uncirculated medal with the W mint mark of West Point

Each medal is made of 99.9% Silver. The obverse features a profile of Liberty wearing a crown of stars. It has the inscriptions "LIBERTY," "1792," and "2017." The reverse depicts a powerful eagle in full flight, with eyes toward opportunity and a determination to attain it. It has the inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The set comes with a booklet explaining how the symbol of 'Liberty' has evolved since the birth of our nation.

The symbol of 'Liberty' is the most cherished and most celebrated by all ethnicities in this melting pot of a nation. With such a modern and iconic design, the American Liberty 4-medal set is a befitting rendition of 'Liberty'. In the words of President Grover Cleveland, in a speech accepting the Statue of Liberty from France in 1886,

"We will not forget that Liberty has here made her home; nor shall her chosen altar be neglected.

Liberty is truly home !

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