The New Zealand mint is a relatively young mint compared to the other mints we have covered so far. It is a privately owned mint and releases bullion and collectible gold and silver coins. The most popular coins from New Zealand mint are the ones from the Disneycoin collections.

Disneycoin collections

I hope we never lose sight of one thingthat it was all started by a mouse. Walt Disney had commented on how important Mickey Mouse was in the scheme of things for the Walt Disney Company.

Disneys star creation Mickey shot to fame in the 1930s and became the stuff of legends in 1950s. Nobody who has enjoyed Mickey Mouse can forget the hours blurring together watching Disney shorts; watching Mickey wooing Minnie; getting caught up in trouble and coming out of it with his own brand of ingenuity. Originally a Mortimer and later changed to the more appealing Mickey, he is the first cartoon to ever get a star in the Hollywood walk of fame. And in the last few decades, the mouse with the house has taken up newer avatar entertaining coin collectors around the world through the Disney coin series.

The Disney coin series was created by the New Zealand Mint. The mint has released coin collectibles under license from global brands like Disney, BBC, Hasbro and Anne Geddes for the last 4 decades.

Disney Steamboat Willie

One of the newest releases in the Disney coin series is theSteamboat Willie Silver and Gold bullion coins. Steamboat Willie,the first cartoon short film of Mickey with synchronised sound released in 1928 helped Walt Disney pictures skyrocket to fame. The opening scene of Mickey at the wheel of the steamboat, whistling and tapping in tune to the music appears before every Disney movie released now. The coin immortalizes that legendary frame of Mickey at the helm.This coin from the New Zealand mint comes in both Silver and Gold bullion versions.

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Disney True Love Forever

The romance between Mickey and Minnie has endured nearly 9 decades and this coin from New Zealand mint, 'Disney True Love Forever' is an ode to that. The coin shows Minnie kissing Mickey with Mickey grinning ear to ear. The coin shows the two characters in color with "NO FINERFRIEND 1928" and "Love" engraved in the background.

DisneyPixar Cars - Lightning McQueen and Sally Silver Coin

Disney and Pixar's "Cars" and the Mickey Mouse series are as different as night and day. Yet the underlying theme of honesty and goodnessthat tugs at you are the same. This year the New Zealand Mint has released DisneyPixar Cars coin series; Lightning McQueen and Sally Silver coins. Named after the Pixar animator Glenn McQueen, Lightning McQueen the hotshot rookie racer and later Piston Cup Champion comes in full blown color with the Radiator Springs signboard 'Leaving so soon' in engraved background in this Silver coin. Sally the charming Porsche that McQueen falls in love with comes in color in another Silver coin with the craggy hills near Route 66 as the engraved background.

Disney - Moana 1 Oz Silver Coin

The frame in which the adventurous Moana and the demi-god Mauiare sailing across the Pacific ocean in their sail boat is captured in the reverse of this Disney Silver coin. It's a color coin combined with the engraved background as in other Disney coins.

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