Coins from New Zealand are some of the most beautiful coins with stunning designs, mostly in color. In the previous post, we saw the unique designs of the Disney coin collection. In this post we are looking at all the other coins from New Zealand that have been released so far by the New Zealand mint.

Kings of the Continents-Saltwater Crocodile Silver Coin

The Saltwater Crocodile of the Indo-pacific region is the largest of all living reptiles. In this King of the Continents series coins, the New Zealand mint has released a 1 oz Silver coin with a stunning design of the Salt Water crocodile in color with its long powerful jaw wide open. Behind the reptile the background is an engraved depiction of the Australian estuary. The coin has a denomination of $2 and a mintage of 5000.

Great Cities - Copenhagen 1 Oz Silver Coin

Copenhagen is the cultural,economic and governmental centre of Denmark. A Viking fishing village to start with, it became the capital of Denmark in the 15th century. Copenhagen is also one of Europe's financial centres because of the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. This year the Great Cities Coin collection sees the release of the Copenhagen coin which is the 4th in the series. It shows the skyline of Copenhagen with the spire of the old stock exchange building, Brsen, in sharp relief.

Lunar Gilded Silver Coin - Year Of The Rooster 2017

The Lunar Year of the Rooster is celebrated by the New Zealand mint with two Silver coins this year. The Chinese New year coin that the New Zealand mint releases every year depicts the corresponding animal with the backdrop of a particular country or community. This year one of the 1 oz Silver coins shows the Rooster standing proudly with the skyline of Paris in its background. The other Silver coin shows a brush stroke color illustration of the Rooster, standing on a picket fence under a branch laden with cherry blossoms.

Great Migrations - Humpback Whale 1 Oz Silver Coin

The Great Migrations coin collections from the New Zealand mint depicts the annual migration of animals covering huge distances for the sake of climate, food, mating partners and shelter. This year it is a pod of Humpback whales that are gliding gracefully in which some of them are shown in color.

Warriors Of History - Apaches Silver Coin

Apaches are Native Americans who were first encountered by the Spanish conquerors when they discovered the Americas. The Europeans waged continuous wars against the natives and found the Apaches to be fierce warriors and strategists. That's the reason the Apaches have found a place in the Warriors of History coin collection from the New Zealand mint.

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