This year we celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of the Presidentwho still embodies an era of boundless American optimism mixed in with hard realism. As we just celebratedanother 4th of July week,it's important to remember JFK who managed to change lives and laid the cornerstone to build a better America. For JFK Centenary birth year, mints across the world have released coins in his honor, with the most prestigious being the 100 oz Silver coin released by Pobjoy mint in U.K. for British Virgin Islands.

What is JFKremembered for ?

It is a wonder why a President who stayed in term for just 1000 daysis still one of the most popular Presidents ever. The reason behind this universal popularity of JFK might bepartly due to conspiracy theories aroundhis assassination but for most it waswhat he stood for in the 'Cold War' years.

Apollo 11 Mission

JFK kicked-off the Apollo project in 1961 with an awe-inspiring speech where his words,'time for this nation to take a leading role in space achievement, which in many ways may hold the key to our future on earth', sound so visionary when we know how far we have come from those days when the intention was just to land a man in moon and bring him back safely. His vision for exploring the entire solar system through the ROVER project, launching satellites for communication and weather predictions has made us a front runner in space exploration.

Cuban Missile Crisis handling

The Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962 was a true test of leadership for JFK. Soviet missiles were placed in Cuba with perfect firing positions to start a nuclear war in the North Atlantic ocean. Despite the insistence of many for using military force which would have escalated tensions, JFK took a step back and looked for peaceful options. His team decided to blockade Cuba instead. This decision was instrumental in diffusing tensions and the threat of a nuclear war.

Civil Rights movement

By the time JFK had been voted President, the Civil Rights movement had picked up big time support with Martin Luther King at its centre. JFK started helping the Civil rights cause by appointing more African Americans in Federal government posts. The Justice department under his brother Bob Kennedy brought law suits against officials who were obstructing justice to African Americans. He made sure more African American players were included in American football. He started with small gestures and even though he couldn't actively support the Civil Rights movement when he was alive, he did more than any other Presidents before him.

JFK's Birth Centenary coin

The Pobjoy mint, a privately held mint in Surrey, U.K., produces commemorative coins and medals that are cherished world-wide for their innovative designs. This year the mint has released a very limited mintage (just 35!) of 100 oz .999 Silver coins, that are the largest coins that it has minted. The coin honors the 100th birth anniversary of John F.Kennedy and has a wonderful profile view of the late President in its obverse. Near the profile is a gold plated heart with 1/2 Carat cluster of Purple diamonds to symbolise the Purple Heart that JFK had received after his service in the Navy in Second World War. The obverse also hasthe date 1917 to the left and 2017 to the right.

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