The Coin and Chronicles set released by the US mint from the year 2005 has been a great success with the collectors. The latest and the last in the series, the Ronald Reagan Coin and Chronicles set was released on October 11thhonoring the 40th President. Before looking at the Reagan set, lets look at the sets released through the yearsand understand why they arespecial.

2005 Chief Justice John Marshall set

John Marshall is hailed as the Great Chief Justice and was in office from 1801 to 1834. In the 34 years that he was in office, he left a permanent mark on the judicial system, making the Supreme Court, a third co-equal branch of the US government.

The Chief Justice John Marshall Coin and Chronicles set was released in honor of his 250th birth anniversary. It was limited to 25,000 issues and included the Uncirculated version of the John Marshall Silver dollar, along with an intaglio print executed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and an informative booklet created by the Supreme Court Historical Society. [1]The John Marshall Silver dollar obverse was designed by John Mercanti and shows a profile view of the Chief Justice and the reverse shows the old Supreme Court chamber in Capitol as designed by Donna Weaver.

2006 Benjamin Franklin set

In 2006, the 300th birth anniversary of Benjamin Franklin, the inventor-scholar-scientist-diplomat and founding father was honored with a Coin and Chronicles set. With accomplishments too numerous to print, Ben Franklin has been honored equal to and some times more than some US Presidents. In the words of Walter Isaacson, the writer-journalist, Ben Franklin was "the most accomplished American of his age and the most influential in inventing the type of society America would become."

The Benjamin Franklin Coin and Chronicles set was released in 2006 with a Silver dollar nicknamed the Scientist dollar, showing Franklin flying a kite for his experiments with electricity. The reverse featured a cartoon created by Franklin of a snake cut up and the words Join or Die to bring the colonies together. Italso had a set of four postage stamps to commemorate his roles as a printer, statesman, and postmaster from the United States Postal service, an intaglio print showing Franklins role in the creation of the Declaration of Independence and a reproduction of the 1758 edition of the Poor Richards Almanack written by him. [2]The set had a limited release of 50,000 coins and was highly successful.

2009 Lincoln set

The Lincoln set was released in 2009, and the 50,000 sets minted were promptly sold out within 30 hours. The set commemoratedthe birth bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln; one of the most popular Presidents the nation has seen, for his role in keeping the Union whole and the ideals of the founding fathers alive.

The Lincoln Coin and Chronicles set included the Proof versions of the four 2009-S Lincoln cents (More about Lincoln cents here), the 2009-P Proof Lincoln Silver dollar, a reproduced Abraham Lincoln photograph, a reproduction of the Gettysburg Address in Lincolns handwriting, a certificate of Authenticity, and encasement in a slip-covered leather-like tri-fold case. [3]

2013 Theodore Roosevelt set

The Theodore Roosevelt set was released in 2013, and around 15,000 of them were sold. The set commemorated the life and Presidency of the 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt who was considered one of the top 5 US Presidents of all times. Theodore Roosevelt ushered in the Progressive era and brought in a modern outlook to the office of the President by championing the conservation of National parks and his square deal domestic policies. He was immortalized in the Mount Rushmore memorial along with three other great Presidents.

The Theodore Coin and Chronicles set included the a 2013-S Proof Theodore Roosevelt Presidential $1 Coin, a 1.5-inch Bald Eagle National Wildlife Refuge System Centennial Bronze Medal, a one-ounce, .999 pure silver Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Medal, a 46 print honoring President Roosevelts military service,[4] and a booklet with educational information about Roosevelts life and legacy.

2014 Franklin D Roosevelt set

The Franklin D Roosevelt set was released in 2014 and was limited to a production of 20,000 sets. FDR served as the 32nd President of United States and was known for his vigorous New Deal programs for relief for unemployed due to the economic depression in the 1930's, recovery of the economy and reformation of economic policies. FDR successfully led the country to victory during the Second World War.

The Franklin D Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles set included four U.S. postage stamps, and a booklet on FDRs life and legacy apart from the coins and medals. The setincluded a 2014-S Proof Roosevelt Presidential $1 Coin struck at the San Francisco Mint, a 2014-S Proof Roosevelt dime struck at the San Francisco Mint, a FDR Presidential bronze medal struck at the Philadelphia Mint, and a FDR Presidential silver medal struck at the Philadelphia Mint. [5]

2015 Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson sets

In 2015, the US mint released the Coin and Chronicles sets of Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson. Each of the 4 sets contained the Reverse Proof 2015-P Presidential dollar of the President (More about that here), a 1 ounce .9999 fine Silver Medal replicating the U.S. Mints Presidential medal issued during his time in office; and a U.S. postage stamp issued after the presidents death and packaged within an informational presentation. The sets were sold out within hours of their release, except for the Kennedy set which took some days because ofthe higher production limit.

2016 Ronald Reagan set

This year's Ronald Reagan set contains the exclusive Reverse Proof Presidential $1 coin with the 'S' mint-mark, the Proof American Silver Eagle (More about that here) with the '30th Anniversary' edge lettering, Ronald and Nancy Reagan Bronze medal, Ronald Reagan Presidential portrait produced by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and a booklet including information and images from Reagans life and Presidency.

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