2016 has zipped past so quickly. It has left us truly breathless with the range of American coins it had to offer. Our Shopcsn blog also had a wonderful run this year with so many coins to explore and talk about. This is a compilation of all those coins that had wowed us and made us proud to be in the numismatic community.

American Eagle coins

American Eagle , the most popular American coin among investors and collectors alike comes in different forms; Silver Eagle, Gold Eagle and Platinum Eagle. We have written so many times about American Eagle coins in our blog post, but they still dont do justice to this beautiful coin.

American Silver Eagle

The American Silver Eagle is the official Silver bullion and this year the bullion version was released on Jan 11th. Around 37 million coins have been sold so far. Apart from the bullion version the Proof and Uncirculated American Eagles were also released.

30th Anniversary American Silver Eagle with Edge lettering

The Proof Silver Eagles were released with Edge lettering to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of American Silver Eagles. It was released on September 16th.

American Gold Eagle

The American Gold Eagle is the official Gold bullion and this year the beautiful design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens came in the 1 oz, oz, oz, 1/10th oz and as a 4 coin set. Totally around 1,968,500 gold coins were sold.

Platinum American Eagle

The Platinum American Eagle is the official Platinum bullion of USA. The theme of the coin was Torches of Liberty and was released in June 30th. Totally 20,000 coins were sold.

Commemorative coins

2016 had some pretty interesting Commemorative American coins like the Mark Twain coins and the 100th Anniversary National Park Service coins.

Mark Twain coins

Mark Twain was honored this year with two coins by the US mint Mark Twain Silver dollar and the Mark Twain $5 Gold coin. These were released right in the beginning of the year. They came both in the Uncirculated and Proof versions. Around 26,150, Mark Twain Silver Uncirculated dollars and 78,100 Silver Proof dollars were sold. Around 5601 Mark Twain Gold Uncirculated coins, and 13,154 Gold Proof coins were sold. Read more about them here.

100th Anniversary National Park Service coins

This year marked the centennial of the National Park Service that was established by Woodrow Wilson in 1916. From a single National Park, Yellowstone National Park in 1872, 450 natural, historic and cultural areas have been brought under the National Park Service. To commemorate this, $5 Gold Proof and Uncirculated coins, Proof Silver dollar, Uncirculated Silver dollar, Proof Clad Half dollar, and Uncirculated Clad Half dollar were released. The coins also came in a 3 coin Proof set.

Precious Metal Products

Mercury Dime Centennial Gold coin

Mercury Dime or the Winged Liberty dime, designed by Adolph A. Weinman and released in 1916, was commemorated this year on April 21st. It was a Centennial Gold coin having 1/10th oz of Gold. This coin featured the Liberty facing left and wearing a winged pileus. Out of 125,000 coins released, 124915 were sold! Click here to know more about the coin.

Standing Liberty Centennial Gold coin

The Standing Liberty quarter, designed by Hermon A. MacNeil and released in 1916 was commemorated on Sep 8th this year. The Gold coin had 1/4th oz of Gold. This Centennial coin features a Standing Liberty facing the European war and holding an olive branch in one hand. Out of 100,000 coins, 85706 coins were sold. Click here to know more about the coin.

Walking Liberty Centennial Gold coin

The Walking Liberty Half dollar, designed by Adolph A. Weinman was commemorated this year on Nov 17th. This Centennial Gold coin having oz of Gold depicts a glorious Liberty striding towards the sun, the dawn of a new era. The mintage for this coin was 70,000, out of which 58989 were sold. Click here to know more about this coin.

'America the Beautiful' coins

From 2010, every year 5 quarters have been released by the US mint to honor a National Park or historical site. This year saw the release of the next set of America the Beautiful coins; Shawnee National Forest, Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Fort Moultrie/Fort Sumter National Monument. Each came in rolls and bags, 3 coin set (from each of the mints), Uncirculated 5 oz Silver coin, and Uncirculated coin set. Read more about these coins here.

Special Collectibles

Presidential dollars and First Spouse coins

The 2016 edition of the Presidential dollars was the 10th edition of the Presidential dollars program and had three coins honoring, Richard M.Nixon, Gerald R. Ford and Ronald Reagan. This is the last year of the Presidential coins. The Presidential dollars came in 100 coin bags, 25 coin rolls, 250 coin boxes. The Reagan Presidential dollars also came as part of the 'Coins and Chronicles' set.

The First Spouse program honoring the First Spouses; Patricia Nixon, Betty Ford and Nancy Reagan were also released this year.

In this account of the American coins for sale in 2016, we have spoken about the most interesting coins that this year had to offer. The year 2017 would see the release of commemorative coins like the Lions Club coin, Boys town coin, the 225th Anniversary American Liberty High Relief coin and the 20th Anniversary Platinum Proof coin. Let's keep our fingers crossed for yet another year of Numismatic genius!

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