The 2018 Palladium American Eagle Proof coin was released by U.S. mint on September 6th and it became 'Currently Unavailable' within 5 minutes of the sale opening. 2017 saw the release of U.S. mint's first ever Palladium coin, the 2017 Palladium Eagle bullion coin. The mint set the limit of 15,000 coins only and that's the limit for this years Proof version too. The U.S. mint hasn't confirmed yet if it is releasing the bullion version of the Palladium Eagle this year.

2018 Palladium American Eagle

As we saw in the 2017 Palladium American Eagle Bullion coin, this year's Proof version follows the same design taken from the Mercury dime or the Winged Liberty. The Mercury dime was designed by A. Weinman. It portrays the Liberty with a wreath of curls and a pileus or a Liberty cap. The pileus sports wings that Weinman intended to represent ‘Liberty of thought’! But it caused the famous misnomer - ‘Mercury dime’, as the messenger to the Gods, ‘Mercury’ had wings in his hat!

The reverse design of the Palladium Eagle bears a high-relief version of the 1907 American Institute of Architects (AIA) medal design, again a design of  Weinman’s. The AIA Gold Medal, the highest honor that the Institute confers upon an individual or pair of individuals was designed by Weinman in 1907. It’s a tradition that is still being carried out by the AIA. The reverse design has inscriptions of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 1 OZ. Pd .9995 FINE, E PLURIBUS UNUM and $25 for the coin’s legal tender face value. The Proof version has a 'W' to denote the West Point mint.

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There are other Palladium coins around the world that are famous in their own right. Here are some of them.

Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf coin

The famous Canadian Maple leaf design is also present in the Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf. The last Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf released was in 2015. This coin has beautiful radial lines in its field that are precisely machined in micrometers. A textured maple leaf micro is engraved with laser technology on the reverse, with the numeral “15” denoting the coin's year of issue.  It contains .9995 pure palladium. The obverse has Canada’s national symbol, the maple leaf. Across the top of the coin “Canada” is displayed with the words “Fine Palladium 1 oz Palladium Pur”. The reverse has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, and the year in which the coin was minted.

Chinese Palladium Panda coin

The last Chinese Palladium Panda coin was released in 2005. It contains 1/2 oz of .999 fine Palladium and 8,000 coins were minted. The obverse shows a panda and its young eating bamboo. The reverse depicts the Hall of Prayer for Abundant Harvests in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing encircled by the phrase "People's Republic of China" in Chinese completed with the year of issue, 2005.

Australian Palladium Emu coin

The Australian Palladium Emu coin was released only between the years 1995 to 1998. It contains 1 oz of .9995 fine Palladium. It had a mintage of only 2,500 coins. The obverse shows the right facing profile of Queen Elizabeth II, along with the year and $40 face value. The reverse features an Emu with her eggs. The coin was designed by Louise Pinder.

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