The 2017 U.S. Mint Silver Proof set is a limited edition with only 50,000 sets. There are 8 coins in the set, all 90% Silver and from the San Francisco mint.

  • 2017-S Kennedy Silver Half-Dollar
  • 2017-S Effigy Mounds National Monument Silver Quarter (Iowa)
  • 2017-S Frederick Douglass National Historic Site Silver Quarter (District of Columbia)
  • 2017-S Ozark National Scenic Riverways Silver Quarter (Missouri)
  • 2017-S Ellis Island Silver Quarter (New Jersey)
  • 2017-S George Rogers Clark National Historical Park Silver Quarter (Indiana)
  • 2017-S Roosevelt Dime
  • 2017-S American Eagle 1 oz. Silver Proof coin

The last coin, the1 oz .999 fine 2017-S Proof American Silver Eagle which was released just once earlier as part of the 'Congratulations set' this year, isprobably one of the most coveted coins.

2017 American Eagle 1 oz. Silver Proof coin

The 2017 American Eagle Silver Proof coin's mintage is just 125,000; the Congratulations set's mintage was 75,000 and the Proof set's mintage is just 50,000. Most collectors would go in for the Silver Proof set just for the American Eagle Silver Proof. To know more about the American Eagle coin design clickhere.

America the Beautiful Quarters

This year's 5 America the Beautiful quarters form part ofthe Silver Proof set.

2017-S Effigy Mounds National Monument Quarter (Iowa)

The 2017 Effigy Mounds National Monument ATB coin shows the Effigy mounds from the Marching bear group in Iowa. The Native Americans made mounds in the ground for spiritual or burial purposes. These have been preserved in the Effigy Mounds National Monument in Allamakee county and Clayton county in Iowa. The mounds depict various animal shapes likelike bears, bisons, birds, panthers, turtles, deers, lynx and water spirits!

2017-S Frederick Douglass National Historic Site Quarter (Washington, DC)

The 2017 Frederick Douglass National Historic Site quarter depictsFrederick Douglass writingat his desk with Washington D.C in the background. Frederick Douglass was the face of African-American struggle against slavery. From the bonds of slavery Douglass rose to become an orator, writer and statesman. His estate and home were declared a National Historic site in 1988.

2017-S Ozark National Scenic Riverways Quarter (Missouri)

The 2017 Ozark National Scenic Riverways quarter depicts the Alley Mill, the quaint red mill that was the most oft photographed mill of the country. The mill was constructed by George WashingtonMcCaskill along the Jacks Fork river in 1893-94 to mill wheat grains to flour.

2017-S Ellis Island (Statue of Liberty National Monument) Quarter (New Jersey)

Ellis Island was something of a paradise for the millions of immigrants who travelled from Europe to start a new life in the 'New World'. The 2017 Ellis Island Quarter shows the immigrants with the Ellis Island hospital in the backdrop. In 1954, the island closed for migration and it became part of the Statue of Liberty monument in 1965.

2017-S George Rogers Clark National Historical Park Quarter (Indiana)

The 2017 George Rogers Clark National Historical Park quarter honors theLieutenant Colonel George Rogers Clark and his frontiersmen during the American Revolution.The National Historical park was designed byFrederick Charles Hiron for the early hero of the American War of Independence at the sight of the battle ofVincennes with the British forces.

Kennedy Half Dollar

Within hours of JFK's assassination, Mint Director Eva Adams authorised the release of the Half dollar in honor of the most loved President of United States. Gilroy Roberts reused the existing bust of Kennedy that he had made for the Presidential medal, for the obverse of the coin. For the reverse, Frank Gasparro reused his Kennedy Appreciation medal design.We wrote about the Key dates of Kennedy dollars in this earlierpostlast year.

Roosevelt Dime

The Roosevelt Dime is the 10 cent piece of the United States and one of the few modern coins who's design remains mostly unaltered for a long time, right from 1946. Designed by John R. Sinnock, the obverse displays the bust of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the reverse shows a torch representing liberty, flanked by branches of olive representing peace and oak representing strength and independence.

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