Have you looked at the schedule of 2016 U.S. coins? Its a pretty interesting line-up, with coins and coin sets that are familiar and some that are totally new. Some coins have had an early release and some are about to be released. So lets jump in and see what is in store for us, shall we?

Birth Sets and Happy Birthday coin sets

While these are the usual coin sets when a new year starts, they are special as they provide the first glimpse of the proof coins of the year. The Birth set includes this years, Lincoln cent, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime, Kennedy Half Dollar and the Shawnee National Forest Quarter from the America the Beautiful Quarters program. This is the fifth year the birth set has been issued by the U.S. mint. The Happy birthday set also contains the proof coins of the year similar tothe Birth set with just the quarter changed to 'Fort Moultrie National Monument' Quarter from America the Beautiful Quarters program.

American Eagle

The American Eagle, one of the most popular American coins, was released in January this year and has seen quite a bit of sales with 363,000American Gold Eagles and 8 million American Silver Eagles sold already. [1] (For more on American Eagles read the post What does Robert Woolley have to do with the American Silver Eagle?)

American Buffalo coin

The American Buffalo coin is another iconic coin with a Native American head on the obverse and the American Bison on the reverse. ( To know more about the American Buffalo coin design, read the postHow a bison called Black diamond became the model for the American Buffalo coin.) From the date it was released, around 40,000 coins have gotten sold so far.

2016 Commemorative coins

The 2016 U.S. Commemorative coins celebrate and honor the American people, places, events and institutions. [2] The surcharges from the sale of such coins are donated or used for a noteworthycause. This year, there are two commemorative coins coming out of the U.S. mint; the Mark Twain Commemorative coin and the '100th Anniversary of the National Park Service' commemorative coin.

Mark Twain Commemorative coin

This is one of the most anticipated coins of the year as it celebrates an iconic American author of the 19th century; Mark Twain. Its being released as $5 Gold Proof coin, $5 Gold Uncirculated coin, Proof Silver Dollar and as an Uncirculated Silver Dollar.

'100th Anniversary of the National Park Service' commemorative coin

This centennial coin honors the National Park Service, an agency that manages all the National Parks of the nation. Its being released as a $5 Gold Proof coin, $5 Gold Uncirculated coin, Proof clad Half Dollar, Proof Silver Dollar, 3 coin Proof set, Uncirculated Clad Half Dollar and as an Uncirculated Silver Dollar.

Native American Dollar coin

The Native American Dollar coin that sports the Sacagawea design in the obverse has a new design in the reverse every year starting from 2009. This year it depicts the code talkers, the Native American soldiers who used their native languages for encrypting communication within enemy lines.

America the Beautiful quarters

This years installment of America the Beautiful Quarters depicts the Shawnee National Forest, Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and Fort Moultrie (Fort Sumter National Monument).

Presidential $1 coin

The Presidential $1 coin honors past presidents Richard M. Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan this year. They come as both individual coins in rolls, bags and boxes and as coin sets. As per the Act of Congress (Dec 22nd 2005), for a president to be honored, the former president must have been deceased for at least two years before issue. [3] So ideally, the Presidential coin series will end this year as the presidents after Ronald Reagan are alive to this date.

First spouse coin

The First spouse coin honors Patricia Nixon, Betty Ford and Nancy Reagan this year. These coins come in individual Proof or uncirculated versions and also along with the Presidential coins. Apart from the 2016 US coins we have listed above, there are other notable coins/coin sets, including the complete Proof set, Silver Proof set and Uncirculated coin set of 2016. A special groupof collectors collect these sets every year. So a scrumptious feast of 2016 US coins for all kinds of numismatists isavailable out there! Browse our 2016 new releases now References
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