Platinum, nicknamed 'White Gold' wasderived from the Spanish word platina meaning little silver. As early as the 18th century , Platinum coins were minted in Spanish-colonized America. The Russian Empire continued the practice in the 19th century, with Platinum mined from the Ural Mountain deposits. [1]

Platinum wasnt easy to mint. Thats the reason it didnt become popular currency in the 18th and 19th century. The engravers were working with a naturally occurring mixture of Platinum, Palladium and Iridium, which made the Platinum brittle. Now that we have methods to extract pure Platinum, we know that it is the most ductile metal ever, even though it loses the crown to Gold for malleability.

The other issue that Platinum had was its similarity to Silver in appearance; though its twice as heavy as Silver and infinitely more expensive. In the 20th century, Platinum has been used in commemorative and collector coins and very rarely as currency. Some of the most famous Platinum coins for sale have been issued as a series from the late 1980s or 90s with a common theme by coin minting countries. This year has seen some really beautifulPlatinum coins for sale around the world.

2016 American Platinum Eagle

The American Platinum Eagle is the official Platinum Bullion of the United States and has been issued from 1997 till now. This 1-ounce .9995 fine coin has a common obverse of Liberty looking into the future designed by Chief Engraver John Mercanti. The reverse changes every year but has a recurring theme that runs for some years.

The latest design theme Torches of Liberty representing liberty and freedom is for only two years and the 2nd one was released inJune 30th2016. This Platinum coin has a beautiful reverse design created by Paul C. Balan and sculpted by Joseph Menna. The design depicts an ethereal Liberty holding the torch of enlightenment in her right hand and an olive branch in her left symbolizing peace. In the design, she seems to be gazingat a bald eagle with out-stretched wings.

2016 Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf

The Royal Canadian mint releases one of the purest Platinum coins (.9995) for sale every year from 1988 with the Maple leaf design. It is the official Platinum Bullion of Canada. In 2012, the Platinum Maple Leaf was adjudged "the world's best-selling platinum coin.[2] The 2016 Canadian Platinum Maple leaf obverse has the profile of Elizabeth II designed by Susanna Blunt and the reverse shows the Maple Leaf, the popular symbol of Canada.

2016 Platinum Noble Isle of Man

The Isle of Man or simply Mann is a self-governing country with English crown dependency. It is located in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state and holds the title Lord of Mann!! The Platinum coins for sale from Mann called the Manx Noble were the first Platinum bullion coins minted for investors.

In the 2016 coin, the obverse displays a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with ISLE OF MAN to the left of her profile and ELIZABETH II to the right of her profile separated with four triskelia (three stylized human legs, radiating from a common center). In the reverse, a legendary Viking longboat sails across the seas with a full sail, and 1 OZ PLATINUM FINE and ONE NOBLE are depicted below the waves from the ship. Along the rim of the coin is a Viking Knit with a triskelion formed from legs above the flag of the ship.

2016 AustralianPlatinum Platypus

The AustralianPlatinum Platypus is a 1 oz .9995 fine Platinum bullion coin from the Perth Mint released from 2011 till now.Thesecoins feature a unique subject matter, theplatypionlyfound near freshwater rivers and lakes in Australia. Prior to Platypus coins, Platinum Koala coins were released by the mint.

The 2016 Australian Platinum Platypus coin features the Platypus on the reverse and the obverse depicts theIan Rank-Broadley likeness of Queen Elizabeth II and the denomination.

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