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  • Collecting Morgan Silver Dollars - The Whys and the Hows!

    Morgan dollar bannerFor most inquisitive numismatists, the question ‘How to go about collecting Morgan Silver dollars?’ looms large, as some Morgan dollars are inexpensive ($35-$70), while some sell at the rate of thousands of dollars.  ‘Is it enough if I consider the mintages?’ or ‘What is the grade I should start collecting from?’ These have been answered by different numismatic experts in different guides over a period of time. This post attempts to condense and give an ‘at a glance’ answer to all these questions. But before that, a history of the Morgan dollar is a must to understand this coin.

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  • 2016 Silver coins for sale around the World!

    2016 Silver coins for sale across the world

    Almost all mints of the world release a Silver bullion coin every year. We are so tuned to the American Silver Eagle that it becomes easy to overlook the other beautiful Silver coins for sale around the world. Collectors literally queue up to get these Silver coins that have become the pride of the respective mints. Some of the most interesting Silver coins come from the mint close to us i.e. the Royal Canadian mint while others come from the Royal Mint in England, the Chinese, the Australian Perth, the Austrian and the Munich Mints.

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  • Kennedy Half Dollar - Key Dates to Collect!

    Kennedy Half Dollar

    An entire nation went stand still in horror on November 22nd 1963 after a devastating incident; the assassination of the youngest U.S. president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. JFK as he is popularly called is known for being an impetus for economic growth and prosperity, abolishing death penalty in the District of Colombia, the sanctioning of budget for Apollo 11 mission, and most importantly the end of state-sanctioned racial discrimination which he mentioned ‘…disturbs the national conscience, and subjects us to the charge of world opinion that our democracy is not equal to the high promise of our heritage’. [1]

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  • Nancy Reagan - A life lived to the fullest!

    Nancy Reagan - A life lived to the fullest!

    Anne Frances Robbins, or Nancy Reagan as she is known to us is summed up by most historians as ‘an actress turned first lady’.  It is too unfair and short a eulogy for someone who personified ‘living life to the fullest’. Nancy Reagan was the 40th First Lady. Over the two terms of Reagan’s administration from 1981-89, she brought glamour, élan and formality to the White House after Jackie Kennedy.

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  • Mark Twain 2016 Commemorative coin

    Mark twain coin

    Have you ever held a piece of history in your hands? A commemorative coin is exactly that…A shining piece of history struck to mark an event or to honor a notable person. Almost all minting countries have released commemorative coins.

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  • 2016 US coins to look forward to!

    2016 US coins-ver3

    Have you looked at the schedule of 2016 U.S. coins? It’s a pretty interesting line-up, with coins and coin sets that are familiar and some that are totally new. Some coins have had an early release and some are about to be released. So let’s jump in and see what is in store for us, shall we?

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  • 'Proof Coin collecting' - Why you should do it!

    'Proof’ is not a grade; it is the method by which the coin is manufactured. Proof coin manufacturing has been in vogue since the 19th century. Initially, proof coins were struck for checking the dies and for archival purposes. [1] But now they are struck especially for coin collectors. Proof coin collecting has now reached a point where collectors try collecting the proof sets with all denominations for every year starting from 1936.  Sometimes collectors get a particular year set to make wonderful presents for any milestones achieved in the family like birth, graduation, landing a job and so on.

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  • American coins for sale in 2015

    American coins for sale in 2015

    Another year is complete and it has been really good for the American coin aficionados. We have been delighted and surprised in equal measures with the great American coins for sale in 2015 that made it into numismatic collections across the country. Some of them were the well-known continuity sets from America the Beautiful quarters and the Presidential dollars, and some the not so famous, yet intriguing, Spouse sets. In this post, we have tried to compile some of the most interesting American coins for sale in 2015. Continue reading

  • The Silver Eagle Series: 1986 to 2015

    Silver Eagle Blog


    The First Silver Eagle

    The 1986 Silver Eagle—the inaugural year of the series—is a great place to start a collection! First struck in October ’86 at the San Francisco Mint, these coins were available for only two months! Certified coin collectors will have a difficult time locating this year in perfect MS70 grade. Continue reading

  • Mount Rushmore coins

    Mount Rushmore national memorial

    Mount Rushmore coins feature the iconic sculpture of the four greatest U.S. presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln on the face of Mount Rushmore. This National Memorial has been a recurring theme in U.S. coins as it is a symbol of the birth, growth, development and preservation of our country.

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