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  • Native American dollars

    Native American dollars

    The Native American dollars or the more popularly known Sacagawea dollars have been minted from 2000 till now. These coins honor the Native Americans’ history and way of life. When the Europeans landed in the Americas in the 15th and 16th centuries, the ‘Native Americans’ wouldn’t have realized the extent to which their numbers would diminish in the next three centuries. The natives had a unique philosophy to everything, starting from their land, the river and their animals. The Spanish and later other Europeans who landed on their shores had a completely different view on land ownership and animal hunting. This huge cultural divide was in some ways detrimental to the natives.

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  • 2017 America the Beautiful Quarters

    2017 America the Beautiful quarters

    The 2017 America the Beautiful quarters released on January 5th this year promise to keep us riveted yet again with their beauty and history. Let's look at each of these quarters now, shall we?

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  • Looking back at American coins for sale in 2016

    American coins for sale in 2016

    2016 has zipped past so quickly. It has left us truly breathless with the range of American coins it had to offer. Our Shopcsn blog also had a wonderful run this year with so many coins to explore and talk about. This is a compilation of all those coins that had wowed us and made us proud to be in the numismatic community.

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  • US coin engravers and artists - Part 2

    US coin engravers and artists 2 -thumbnail

    The second post in the series “US coin engravers and artists” is here…

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  • US coin engravers and artists - Part 1

    US coin engravers and artists

    We have always talked about coins. It’s our passion. But what about the artists behind the coins? The Coin engravers and artists are the people who have managed to bring out the numismatist in you and me. They are the ones who have painstakingly brought out a thought or an entire story within a 1 inch coin. We have tried to piece together a post talking about these coin engravers, sculptors and artists who have made the US coins what it is today. As the post became a bit longer than we thought it would, we would be putting it up as a series. The first one is here….

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  • 2016 Walking Liberty Centennial Gold coin

    2016 Walking Liberty Centennial Gold coin

    The 2016 Walking Liberty Centennial Gold coin will be released by the U.S. mint on November 17th 2016. The Mercury Dime Gold coin released in April 21st and the Standing Liberty Gold coin released in September 8th 2016 were instant successes. All three coins have beautiful designs and because of the history behind the 1916 re-design of the dime, quarter and the half-dollar, most collectors have been enthusiastic about them.  The 2016 Walking Liberty Centennial Gold coin will complete the trio of Centennial coins released this year and is by far the most anticipated coin by collectors.

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  • Coin and Chronicles set

    Coin and Chronicles set

    The Coin and Chronicles set released by the US mint from the year 2005 has been a great success with the collectors. The latest and the last in the series, the Ronald Reagan Coin and Chronicles set was released on October 11th honoring the 40th President. Before looking at the Reagan set, let’s look at the sets released through the years and understand why they are special.

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  • Coins with Edge Lettering

    Coins with edge lettering

    For the first time ever, Proof American Silver Eagles have been released with edge lettering. For commemorating the 30th anniversary of the American Eagle, the 2016 Proof American Silver Eagle has been designed to have lettering in the edges where it is usually reeded.  Though rare, edge lettering in coins is not a new phenomenon. Some of the earliest American coins have edge lettering. Modern coins like the Presidential $1 coins and the Native American $1 coins also have edge lettering.

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  • All about the Lincoln cent!

    Lincoln cent

    Abe Lincoln , the most revered of all Presidents appears in the obverse of the cent or penny (taken from the British penny for the smallest denomination!) from the year 1909. Lincoln cent or Lincoln Penny as it is called has seen many changes in the reverse design but the obverse has been constant for the last 107 years. It was designed by Victor David Brenner using a photograph of the 16th President by Mathew Brady.

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  • Odd Shaped coins of the World

    Odd Shaped coins of the World

    Odd shaped coins are just that. Odd. It is very rare to find one in your pocket change. Ever wondered why? Finding different shapes in your pocket change like a square, a triangle or a 3 dimensional shape would be quite exciting. But these shapes aren't really practical for everyday use. Imagine the inconvenience if a triangular coin gets stuck in a pocket hole. Coins with sharp edges will have more wear in their designs. Historically, it was never intentionally meant for a coin to be round in shape. When two metals at opposite ends were used to strike another piece of metal, the result was a round and thus the circular coin was born.

    But mints around the world have experimented with Odd shaped coins for circulating and commemorative purposes. And collectors have found new and exciting coins to collect in these Odd Shaped coins.

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