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Shopcsn Blog

  • Shipwrecks and Double Eagles

    Shipwrecks and Double Eagles

    When you say 'Shipwreck...' it immediately brings to mind the eerie shipwreck footage of R.M.S Titanic, one of the most well known; no doubt brought to popular notice by the 1997 epic romance-disaster saga 'Titanic' ....But it is just one of a million shipwrecks that is said to be in the ocean beds of different oceans.

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  • 225th US mint Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated set - Part 2

    EU set - Oct 9th17-blog banner

    The Enhanced Uncirculated Coin set released on August 1st is exciting because of two reasons; it's honoring the 225th Anniversary of the US mint and the coins come in a different finish called the Enhanced Uncirculated finish. This earlier post explains what is the Enhanced Uncirculated finish and the difference between the Enhanced Uncirculated set and a Proof or Reverse Proof set.

    This second post delves deeper into each of the coins that are included in the set. There are 10 coins in the set, all from the San Francisco mint (S-mint).

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  • 1854 $3 Indian Princess Gold coin

    1854 $3 Indian Princess Gold coin

    The $3 Indian Princess Gold coin is an interesting coin that was released by the US mint from 1854. The denomination and the coin itself was unusual as there were no $3 coins before that and the design of the coin was different from the usual styles that were prevalent then. It is now known as one of the most beautiful coins that was designed in the mid 19th century.

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  • U.S. mint's 225th anniversary - Enhanced Uncirculated set

    U.S. mint's 225th anniversary

    This year for the U.S. mint's 225th anniversary, the mint is planning to release an Enhanced Uncirculated coin set on the 1st of August. Each coin will be produced from the San Francisco mint and will have the 'S' mint mark.

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  • JFK Centenary Birth 100 oz Silver Commemorative coin

    JFK Centenary Birth coin

    This year we celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of the President who still embodies an era of boundless American optimism mixed in with hard realism. As we just celebrated another 4th of July week, it's important to remember JFK who managed to change lives and laid the cornerstone to build a better America. For JFK Centenary birth year, mints across the world have released coins in his honor, with the most prestigious being the 100 oz Silver coin released by Pobjoy mint in U.K. for British Virgin Islands.

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  • Top 10 rare Morgan dollars!

    Top 10 rare Morgan dollars

    Morgan Silver dollars are some of the most popular dollars the U.S. mint has ever produced. We have seen the history of Morgan dollars and how to go about collecting a Morgan dollar in Shopcsn blog earlier. In this post, we are talking about the Top 10 rare Morgan dollars.

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  • 2017 American Silver Eagle P-S-W Mint

    2017 American Silver Eagle

    We know that since it's inception in 1986, the American Silver Eagle bullion has been minted in the West Point mint. But it was recently uncovered by NGC that the other mints; San Francisco and Philadelphia mints have shared the production of the Silver Eagle bullion coins owing to huge demand for them. Around 79,640 were minted in the Philadelphia mint in 2015 and they are quite hot. Read more about them here. Each of the mints have a specific function that we should know before understanding how the 2017 American Eagle bullion coins are different.

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  • Memorial day special: 2005 Marine Commemorative dollar

    Memorial day - Marine corps dollar

    Memorial day is a solemn day of remembrance of the men and women who fought for us and died in the line of duty. This Memorial weekend, Shopcsntv offers the Marine Corps Silver dollar that was released in 2005 to mark the 230th Anniversary of the inception of the Marines. This post explores the history behind the design and why this coin is special to all of us.

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  • 2017 Silver and Gold Krugerrand

    2017 Silver and Gold Krugerrand

    Have you had the chance to look at or learn about other bullion coins than our very own American Eagles? Mints across the world release Gold, Silver and Platinum bullion coins every year. In this post we are looking at the 2017 Silver and Gold Krugerrands released by the South African mint.

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  • What is special about the 2015 American Eagle?

    What is special about the American Silver Eagles

    The American Silver Eagle is arguably one of the most popular coins in the United States of America. We have spoken about the key American Eagles to collect (Click here for that post) from 1986 to 2014. But the 2015 American Eagle has become one of the most sought after coin now in the last 31 years it has been minted.

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