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  • 2018 Winter Olympic coins

    2018 Winter Olympic coins

    "Olympism is a philosophy of life, exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind." - Olympic Charter

    From the first Modern Olympic games conducted in 1896 in Athens, with just 241 participants, 14 nations, to the 2,873 athletes from 88 nations during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the Olympic games have stood steadfast upon the principle of ' ...contribut(ing) to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practised without discrimination of any kind, in a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play'. The Modern Olympic games not only provide a platform for expressing friendship and solidarity among all participating nations but also provide a grand spectacle to millions who watch it through their television sets.

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  • World War 1 Centennial 2018 coins

    World War 1 Centennial 2018 coins

    2018 will be seeing the release of World War 1 Centennial coins on January 17th. It is being released to honor the 116,516 American soldiers who laid down their lives and the 200,000 who were wounded, so far away from all that was familiar!

    The 'War to end all wars' or 'the Great War' or simply the 'World War' (as World War 2 hadn't come yet ! ) would devastate entire generations, topple empires and the world would never be the same!

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  • Looking forward to 2018 coins!

    Looking forward to 2018 coins

    2018 is just around the corner and it's so exciting to think about what it's going to offer for the coin collectors among us. Apart from the staples, there are some interesting commemorative coins that may steal the show next year.

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  • Looking back on 2017 U.S. coins !

    Looking back on 2017 coins

    2017 U.S. coins have provided us with an interesting numismatic year! The 225th anniversary of the U.S. Mint was this year and what a treat it proved to be for collectors! Let's look back at what was new and different this year!

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  • American Liberty 225th Anniversary Silver 4-Medal Set

    American Liberty 225th Anniversary 4 medal set

    We are a land of hope and opportunity! Since the day the first European settlers, the Norsemen came in long boats; followed by the 15th century Spanish in their big ships, then the British, the French, and later the rest of Europe, Russia and Asia; America has been a land of 'hope' for people fleeing from poverty, tyrants, pogroms; a land of 'abundance' for people who wanted to call a piece of land their own; a land of 'Liberty' for those who wanted a home away from home!

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  • 2017 U.S. Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof Set

    2017 US mint Limited edition silver proof set

    The 2017 U.S. Mint Silver Proof set is a limited edition with only 50,000 sets. There are 8 coins in the set, all 90% Silver and from the San Francisco mint.

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  • Famous hoards of U.S. coins

    Famous hoards of US coins

    Hoarding comes naturally to us, as humans. Over the centuries humans have been hoarding metals under the earth. In modern times, hoarding takes on a new meaning and the person who hoards is called an obsessive compulsive person. But in ancient times, hoarding happened for completely sane reasons! And these hoards or caches as they may be called open wide the doors to the history of the period!

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  • 2017 $25 American Palladium Eagle


    Silver-white and lustrous to look at, Palladium looks like a close cousin to Platinum. Even though it’s been around some time, it’s amazing that Palladium has never been used in a U.S. coin before. Palladium coins have found favor in other countries; ‘Canadian Palladium Maple leaf’, the ‘Chinese Palladium Giant Panda’, the ‘Australian Palladium Emu’ are a few of the famous Palladium coins across the World!

    In 2010, Congress authorized the U.S. mint to issue Palladium Eagle coins and in September this year the first ever investment grade Palladium Eagles with high relief designs have been released!

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  • The P Mint Mark

    P mint mark-Lincoln cent

    Mint Marks - The origin

    Many would think mint marks were invented by us. What with so many mints spread across the country since the 18th century! But that's not the case. These marks that indicate at a glance (within a 1 inch coin, no less!) which mint a coin came out of are as old as time itself!

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  • 1878 7/8 Tail Feathers Morgan dollars

    1878 7/8 Morgan dollars

    The Morgan dollar was minted mainly because of the Bland-Allison act (which was probably lobbied for by the Western Silver mining groups) that mandated the purchase of two to four million dollars' worth of Silver every month and make coins out of them.

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