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World Coins

  • 2018 Winter Olympic coins

    2018 Winter Olympic coins

    "Olympism is a philosophy of life, exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind." - Olympic Charter

    From the first Modern Olympic games conducted in 1896 in Athens, with just 241 participants, 14 nations, to the 2,873 athletes from 88 nations during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the Olympic games have stood steadfast upon the principle of ' ...contribut(ing) to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practised without discrimination of any kind, in a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play'. The Modern Olympic games not only provide a platform for expressing friendship and solidarity among all participating nations but also provide a grand spectacle to millions who watch it through their television sets.

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  • JFK Centenary Birth 100 oz Silver Commemorative coin

    JFK Centenary Birth coin

    This year we celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of the President who still embodies an era of boundless American optimism mixed in with hard realism. As we just celebrated another 4th of July week, it's important to remember JFK who managed to change lives and laid the cornerstone to build a better America. For JFK Centenary birth year, mints across the world have released coins in his honor, with the most prestigious being the 100 oz Silver coin released by Pobjoy mint in U.K. for British Virgin Islands.

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  • 2017 Silver and Gold Krugerrand

    2017 Silver and Gold Krugerrand

    Have you had the chance to look at or learn about other bullion coins than our very own American Eagles? Mints across the world release Gold, Silver and Platinum bullion coins every year. In this post we are looking at the 2017 Silver and Gold Krugerrands released by the South African mint.

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  • World Coin series: Coins from New Zealand


    Coins from New Zealand are some of the most beautiful coins with stunning designs, mostly in color. In the previous post, we saw the unique designs of the Disney™ coin collection. In this post we are looking at all the other coins from New Zealand that have been released so far by the New Zealand mint.

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  • World Coin series: Disney coins from New Zealand Mint


    The New Zealand mint is a relatively young mint compared to the other mints we have covered so far. It is a privately owned mint and releases bullion and collectible gold and silver coins. The most popular coins from New Zealand mint are the ones from the Disney™ coin collections.

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  • World Coin series: Coins from United Kingdom - Part 2

    Coins from United Kingdom

    The Coins from United Kingdom continue in this post.

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  • World Coin series: Coins from United Kingdom - Part 1

    coins from United Kingdom

    The Royal Mint of United Kingdom has the tagline, Treasure for Life™ ! True to that the Coins from United Kingdom conjure up an aura of historical treasures wrapped up in  the palm of your hand! A treasure born out of more than 1000 years of history! These Coins from United Kingdom are considered precursors to all modern coins across the world, next only to the Austrian 'schilling' and the Spanish reales (silver) or escudos (gold) coins.

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  • World Coin series: Coins from Australia - Part 2


    In this post we cover the Royal Australian Mint coins that have been released so far this year.

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  • World Coin series: Coins from Australia - Part 1


    With an extensive choice of American coins, we sometimes forget that there is a whole world of beautiful coinage out there for us to enjoy. Mints like the Royal Canadian mint, the Royal Mint in UK, the Australian mints, the Japanese mint, the Chinese mints and other notable mints release beautiful coins every year. To honor these mints and coins in Shopcsn blog, we are planning to release a series of blog posts called the ‘World coin series’. And the first one we have picked are the coins from down-under - Coins from Australia.

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  • Odd Shaped coins of the World

    Odd Shaped coins of the World

    Odd shaped coins are just that. Odd. It is very rare to find one in your pocket change. Ever wondered why? Finding different shapes in your pocket change like a square, a triangle or a 3 dimensional shape would be quite exciting. But these shapes aren't really practical for everyday use. Imagine the inconvenience if a triangular coin gets stuck in a pocket hole. Coins with sharp edges will have more wear in their designs. Historically, it was never intentionally meant for a coin to be round in shape. When two metals at opposite ends were used to strike another piece of metal, the result was a round and thus the circular coin was born.

    But mints around the world have experimented with Odd shaped coins for circulating and commemorative purposes. And collectors have found new and exciting coins to collect in these Odd Shaped coins.

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