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Silver coins

  • Top 10 rare Morgan dollars!

    Top 10 rare Morgan dollars

    Morgan Silver dollars are some of the most popular dollars the U.S. mint has ever produced. We have seen the history of Morgan dollars and how to go about collecting a Morgan dollar in Shopcsn blog earlier. In this post, we are talking about the Top 10 rare Morgan dollars.

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  • Memorial day special: 2005 Marine Commemorative dollar

    Memorial day - Marine corps dollar

    Memorial day is a solemn day of remembrance of the men and women who fought for us and died in the line of duty. This Memorial weekend, Shopcsntv offers the Marine Corps Silver dollar that was released in 2005 to mark the 230th Anniversary of the inception of the Marines. This post explores the history behind the design and why this coin is special to all of us.

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  • What is special about the 2015 American Eagle?

    What is special about the American Silver Eagles

    The American Silver Eagle is arguably one of the most popular coins in the United States of America. We have spoken about the key American Eagles to collect (Click here for that post) from 1986 to 2014. But the 2015 American Eagle has become one of the most sought after coin now in the last 31 years it has been minted.

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  • 2017 America the Beautiful Quarters

    2017 America the Beautiful quarters

    The 2017 America the Beautiful quarters released on January 5th this year promise to keep us riveted yet again with their beauty and history. Let's look at each of these quarters now, shall we?

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  • Collecting Peace Silver Dollars

    Peace Silver dollars

    Though not as famous as the Morgan dollars, the Peace Silver dollars have an understated appeal to some coin collectors. Meant as a Commemorative coin of Peace after the First World War, the Peace Silver dollar ushered in the ‘roaring twenties’. It was the age of the newly affluent middle-class American family; the age where women got voting rights and the country enjoyed a stable economy. The Peace Silver dollar’s design reflected this emerging modern age with a Liberty sporting a modern profile compared to the neo-classical Roman profiles of earlier Silver dollars.

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  • 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters

    America the beautiful quarters

    The 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters are some of the most beautiful coins that have been released this year, with two more to go. In this post, we are looking at the origin of the term 'America the Beautiful' and what each of these 2016 Quarters represent.

    Katherine Lee Bates, an English professor from Wellesley College wrote the poem ‘America the Beautiful’ in 1893. She had been asked to teach a summer school session in Colorado College that year [1] and she travelled nearly 3000 miles by train to reach Colorado. Just imagine how the sights and sounds of a 19th century Nebraska and Colorado would have captured her imagination! The endless plains and grasslands, the untamed land and the beauty of the vast skies compelled her to write what would become one of the most celebrated songs, next only to the Star Spangled banner!

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  • All about the 'Wartime' nickel!

    Wartime Silver Nickel

    The ‘Wartime nickel’ honors Thomas Jefferson the 3rd U.S. President and his plantation villa 'Monticello' designed by Jefferson himself. This nickel is also a symbol of the many sacrifices and hardships that Americans had to endure during the Second World War, 200 years after Jefferson's time. This five cent coin released between 1942 and 1945 has Jefferson's profile in the obverse and ‘Monticello’ in the reverse. Interestingly, the Wartime nickel had no Nickel in its composition! It was composed of 56% Copper, 35% Silver and 9% Manganese. That’s why it is also called the ‘Silver nickel’.

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  • Collecting Morgan Silver Dollars - The Whys and the Hows!

    Morgan dollar bannerFor most inquisitive numismatists, the question ‘How to go about collecting Morgan Silver dollars?’ looms large, as some Morgan dollars are inexpensive ($35-$70), while some sell at the rate of thousands of dollars.  ‘Is it enough if I consider the mintages?’ or ‘What is the grade I should start collecting from?’ These have been answered by different numismatic experts in different guides over a period of time. This post attempts to condense and give an ‘at a glance’ answer to all these questions. But before that, a history of the Morgan dollar is a must to understand this coin.

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  • 2016 Silver coins for sale around the World!

    2016 Silver coins for sale across the world

    Almost all mints of the world release a Silver bullion coin every year. We are so tuned to the American Silver Eagle that it becomes easy to overlook the other beautiful Silver coins for sale around the world. Collectors literally queue up to get these Silver coins that have become the pride of the respective mints. Some of the most interesting Silver coins come from the mint close to us i.e. the Royal Canadian mint while others come from the Royal Mint in England, the Chinese, the Australian Perth, the Austrian and the Munich Mints.

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  • Kennedy Half Dollar - Key Dates to Collect!

    Kennedy Half Dollar

    An entire nation went stand still in horror on November 22nd 1963 after a devastating incident; the assassination of the youngest U.S. president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. JFK as he is popularly called is known for being an impetus for economic growth and prosperity, abolishing death penalty in the District of Colombia, the sanctioning of budget for Apollo 11 mission, and most importantly the end of state-sanctioned racial discrimination which he mentioned ‘…disturbs the national conscience, and subjects us to the charge of world opinion that our democracy is not equal to the high promise of our heritage’. [1]

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