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Commemorative coins

  • 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness coins

    2018 Breast cancer awareness coins - Updated

    Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women and some men (it is rare among men, but it is there!) and is the 5th main cause of cancer deaths! Breast Cancer awareness started as a movement in the late 80's and strengthened in the early 90's with the 'pink ribbon'.

    2018 will see the release of the Breast Cancer Awareness coin today and this post gives an overview of these coins and a background of Breast Cancer Awareness.

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  • World War 1 Centennial 2018 coins

    World War 1 Centennial 2018 coins

    2018 will be seeing the release of World War 1 Centennial coins on January 17th. It is being released to honor the 116,516 American soldiers who laid down their lives and the 200,000 who were wounded, so far away from all that was familiar!

    The 'War to end all wars' or 'the Great War' or simply the 'World War' (as World War 2 hadn't come yet ! ) would devastate entire generations, topple empires and the world would never be the same!

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  • Looking forward to 2018 coins!

    Looking forward to 2018 coins

    2018 is just around the corner and it's so exciting to think about what it's going to offer for the coin collectors among us. Apart from the staples, there are some interesting commemorative coins that may steal the show next year.

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  • The P Mint Mark

    P mint mark-Lincoln cent

    Mint Marks - The origin

    Many would think mint marks were invented by us. What with so many mints spread across the country since the 18th century! But that's not the case. These marks that indicate at a glance (within a 1 inch coin, no less!) which mint a coin came out of are as old as time itself!

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  • 225th US mint Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated set - Part 2

    EU set - Oct 9th17-blog banner

    The Enhanced Uncirculated Coin set released on August 1st is exciting because of two reasons; it's honoring the 225th Anniversary of the US mint and the coins come in a different finish called the Enhanced Uncirculated finish. This earlier post explains what is the Enhanced Uncirculated finish and the difference between the Enhanced Uncirculated set and a Proof or Reverse Proof set.

    This second post delves deeper into each of the coins that are included in the set. There are 10 coins in the set, all from the San Francisco mint (S-mint).

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  • Memorial day special: 2005 Marine Commemorative dollar

    Memorial day - Marine corps dollar

    Memorial day is a solemn day of remembrance of the men and women who fought for us and died in the line of duty. This Memorial weekend, Shopcsntv offers the Marine Corps Silver dollar that was released in 2005 to mark the 230th Anniversary of the inception of the Marines. This post explores the history behind the design and why this coin is special to all of us.

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  • 2017 Silver and Gold Krugerrand

    2017 Silver and Gold Krugerrand

    Have you had the chance to look at or learn about other bullion coins than our very own American Eagles? Mints across the world release Gold, Silver and Platinum bullion coins every year. In this post we are looking at the 2017 Silver and Gold Krugerrands released by the South African mint.

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  • 2017 American coins to look forward to!

    2017 American coins

    The 2017 American coins' complete product schedule seems to be a closely guarded secret by the US mint. But as far as we know, apart from the usual coins, there are some interesting commemoratives and new designs to look forward to. This year is doubly special as it is the 225th anniversary of the mint. And the mint definitely has something special up its sleeve to celebrate this milestone.

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  • 2016 Walking Liberty Centennial Gold coin

    2016 Walking Liberty Centennial Gold coin

    The 2016 Walking Liberty Centennial Gold coin will be released by the U.S. mint on November 17th 2016. The Mercury Dime Gold coin released in April 21st and the Standing Liberty Gold coin released in September 8th 2016 were instant successes. All three coins have beautiful designs and because of the history behind the 1916 re-design of the dime, quarter and the half-dollar, most collectors have been enthusiastic about them.  The 2016 Walking Liberty Centennial Gold coin will complete the trio of Centennial coins released this year and is by far the most anticipated coin by collectors.

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  • Coin and Chronicles set

    Coin and Chronicles set

    The Coin and Chronicles set released by the US mint from the year 2005 has been a great success with the collectors. The latest and the last in the series, the Ronald Reagan Coin and Chronicles set was released on October 11th honoring the 40th President. Before looking at the Reagan set, let’s look at the sets released through the years and understand why they are special.

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